About DITP


To position Thailand’s trade competitiveness among the top countries in Asia by 2027


Enhancing the competitiveness of Thai entrepreneurs in the global context
Promoting sustainable value creation for Thai products and services delivered internationally
Developing and expanding overseas market access for Thai products and services
Continuously ensuring excellence in service for all stakeholders

Strategies for International
Trade Promotion and Development


Propel trade expansion and investent with alliances in asean under AEC and optimize the FTA business


Develop and promote the complete product and service clusters which are capable of serving the trends of new global demands


Develop and promote food and agriculture product processing industry


Create country and industry images as the manufacturer and exporter of products and services that meet the standards and international trust-worthiness


Promote Thailand as a trading nation and echance the capabilities of Thai entrepreneurs in conducting overseas businesses (Internationalization)


Promote the utilization of digital commerce and new trading models


Develop and promote value creation, innovation and branding


Develop human resources, working system, as well as service system for trade information and employ modern technology to continually improve working efficiency


Promote cost reduction and build logistics trade networks

DITP Executives

About DITP


Mr. Phusit Ratanakul Sereroengrit

Tel: (+66) 2507-8093

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Mrs. Arada Fuangtong

Deputy Director-General

Tel: (+66) 2507-8072

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Ms. Natiya Suchinda

Deputy Director-General

Tel: (+66) 2507-8081

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Mr. Pornvit Sila-on

Deputy Director-General

Tel: (+66) 2507-8061

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Mr. Pisitk Kitwiriya

Assistant Director-General

Tel: (+66) 2507-8033

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M.L. Kathathong Thongyai

Assistant Director-General

Tel: (+66) 2507-8037

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Mrs. Ponpimon Petcharakul

Assistant Director-General

Tel: (+66) 2507-8043

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Ms. Pitinun Samanvorawong

Assistant Director-General

Tel: (+66) 2507-8051

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Mrs. Samornrat Snidvongs Na Ayudhya

Assistant Director-General​

Tel: (+66) 2507-8040

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Ms. Tapanee Pharnusopon

Assistant Director-General

Tel: (+66) 2507-8047

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Ms. Kanda Anuntakul

Assistant Director-General

Tel: (+66) 2507-8119

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Ms. Prajongporn Tanmanee

Assistant Director-General

Tel: (+66) 2507-7961

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Mrs. Preeyakorn Sankhavanija

Office of Agricultural and Industrial Trade Promotion

Tel: (+66) 2507-8339

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Mr. Kittinand Yingcharoen

Bureau of International Trade Promotion Policy

Tel: (+66) 2507-7810

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Mrs. Pavinee Ruayruen

New Economy Academy : NEA

Tel: (+66) 2507-8155


Ms. Supatra Sawaengsri

Office of Overseas Market Development 1

Tel: (+66) 2507-8202

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Mrs. Nisabudh Virabutr

Office of Lifestyle Trade Promotion

Tel: (+66) 2507-8353

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Mr. Chappon Rochanasena

Office of General Administration

Tel: (+66) 2507-8024

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Mr. Jirakarn Bejrajati

Office of Overseas Market Development 2

Tel: (+66) 2507-8189

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Ms. Patcha Wutipan

Office of Information Technology and Service Development (ITSD)

Tel: (+66) 2507-8172


Mr. Taweep Rachaphakdee

Office of Service Trade Promotion

Tel: (+66) 2507-8448

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Mr. Nissana Thaveepanit

Office of Digital Commerce Market

Tel: (+66) 2507-7859

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Ms. Pra-onnuch Pranuch

Office of Value Creation

Tel: (+66) 2507-8285

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Mr. Pornanun Poomkaew

Office of Public Relations and Corporate Communication

Tel: (+66) 2507-7943

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Mrs. Pennapa Insawang

Internal Audit Group

Tel: (+66) 2507-8129

DITP Overseas Offices

The branch offices of the Department of International Trade Promotion with operations in 58 foreign nations with a mandate to track trade developments and circumstances. Investigate the demand for items and trading routes on the global market, and to act as a middleman in establishing trade links between Thailand and other to aid Thai entrepreneurs’ commercial activities.

Honorary Trade Advisor to the Ministry of Commerce of Thailand: HTAs

31 persons that have been assigned by the Ministry of Commerce to oversee and defend Thailand’s commercial interests around the world as well as help organize trade activities for Thailand particularly in nations where there isn’t a Thai Trade Center (TTC) present.

About DITP

Department Chief Information Officer (DCIO)


Position : Deputy Director-General

Vision : To be a leading digital innovation public agency that drives Thailand’s international trade competitiveness among the top countries in Asia by 2027 while propelling the organization forward with information technology

Corporate Values


D = Dedicated
R = Responsive
I = Integrity
V = Value Creation
E = Excellent

About DITP